Privacy statement

We take the privacy of you and your guests very seriously. Therefore we have a policy that allows users to take full control over the information that others can see and take extensive measures to secure your data.

Using Tckl, it can be beneficial to share information like your name, profession and interests. Tckl is a platform that connects event organizers, sponsors and guests. Sharing the right information enhances the chance of getting invited to relevant events and making valuable connections. At the same time, Tckl doesn’t require guests to share information in order to attend events.

Users have control over their visibility to others. For instance, Tckl users decide whether everyone with invitation rights can see their profile in the Public Network, or only users that have invited them to previously attended events.

Users can not contact each other via chat, unless they have made a connection, either by invitation to an event or by attending the same event and connecting afterwards.

We take great measures to assure our users that their data is safe and secured. This includes, but is not limited to, data encryption and third party ethical hacking on a structural basis.

Our policy meets all standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU), which secures the privacy and the protection of the personal data of our users.