Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all services and products of Tckl, including the use of the website and the use of Tckl apps. We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. If we do so, we will let you know.


By creating a Tckl account, Tckl obtains all data stored in the LinkedIn account used to create the Tckl account, your phone number and email address and any Tckl preferences specified by you. To make it easier for you to use your Tckl account, we also save the IP address of the device with which you log in to your Tckl account.

By creating a Tckl account or by using the services and products of Tckl, you agree that we may use data received from or about you for Tckl’s purposes as set out in the Terms of Use, and share this data with Tckl Users, Tckl Partners and Tckl Organizers. This data can be obtained from you or from LinkedIn, Tckl Users, Tckl Partners or Tckl Organizers but can also be obtained from public social media accounts. We will use your data only for the purpose of offering and improving the Tckl Services.

Upon request, we will tell you what data we have stored about you. You can also ask us to modify or delete data. All data is securely stored by Tckl and is not made available to any third parties other than Users, Partners or Organizers. Tckl does not store or process any data outside the European Union (EU). Tckl processes all data in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).