Gesponsorde organisaties

Inzicht in de bezettingsgraad tijdens evenementen, het bieden van upsell mogelijkheden en het uitnodigen van relaties voor je eigen stoelen. Wij bieden veel mogelijkheden om meer informatie te krijgen over sponsoren die gebruik maken van business seats tijdens jouw evenementen.

Terms of Use for Tckl Organizers

Door als organisatie samen met je sponsors tckl te gebruiken, krijg je veel nuttige informatie. Welke evenementen zijn het populairste bij je sponsoren? Hoe is de bezetting van de business seats per evenement? En welke sponsoren profiteren nog niet optimaal van de samenwerking met jouw organisatie? Het maakt duidelijk in welke sponsorschappen je extra moet investeren en uit welke sponsordeals mogelijk meer valt te halen. Gasten van je sponsoren blijven anoniem.


“Tckl” means the company Tckl, which is based at Achterweg 1, Groningen, the Netherlands, and is registered under company no. 66363233;

“Tckl Account” means the account that is created by a Tckl User and gives access to the Tckl Services;

“Tckl Services” means all services that are offered or facilitated by Tckl;

“Tckl User” means a person who has a Tckl Account and wants to use the Tckl Services;

“Partner” means a party that provides tickets for Tckl Events and/or invites Tckl Users to Tckl Events;

“Organizer” is the organizer of a Tckl Event;

“Tckl Events” means all events which are offered access to through Tckl, or which are facilitated by Tckl.


By creating a Tckl Account, you authorize Tckl to use the information stored on your LinkedIn account as well as the information you add to your Tckl Account yourself. We will treat this information with care. We store the information securely and only share it with Users, Partners and Organizers. They have access to the profile created by Tckl on the basis of the information received. This way, we ensure that we can improve our services even further. Only if we are required to do so by law will the information be provided to others, such as investigative services. If you would like to know what information we have stored about you, or if you would like to change or delete the information stored by Tckl, you can submit a request via the form that is available on For more information about what information we use, and for what purposes we use it, see our Privacy Policy. The information you provide to Tckl must be accurate. Any error in this information, such as your email address or phone number, may result in Tckl not being able to manage your Tckl Account properly and, eventually, in your Tckl Account being terminated. So, please make sure this information is correct and up to date.

Tckl Account

As a Tckl Organizer, you can access Tckl through your LinkedIn account. You yourself are responsible for the security of your account and for all activities taking place through the Tckl Account. We advise you to use a strong password. Do not share the password with others and change it regularly. It is not allowed to give others access to your Tckl Account or to allow others to use Tckl Services through your Tckl Account.

Tckl Services

As an Organizer, you pay the monthly fee corresponding the active account plus VAT for the use of the Tckl Services. The amount due will be collected on a monthly basis.

If any amount due is not paid on time, you will receive a reminder and costs may be charged. If payment is still not made, Tckl may unilaterally terminate the agreement between you and Tckl. Any outstanding amounts due remain payable. The Tckl Account may be terminated by Organizer with due observance of a notice period of 2 months. Any outstanding amounts due remain payable.



It is not permitted to use the information obtained through the Tckl Account for purposes other than the use of the Tckl Services as described in these Terms of Use. Commercial use of this information is not permitted.  Also, it is not permitted to view, retrieve or index any Tckl-stored information in any way other than the way in which it is offered by Tckl, nor to mine it or reproduce the navigation structure or presentation of the Tckl account or the Tckl services or their contents in any way, nor to use reversed engineering or (technically) circumvent or disable the security features or access restrictions of the Tckl account. All intellectual property rights vested in or belonging to the Tckl Account, the Tckl Services and the information processed by Tckl are the property of Tckl.

Whilst we do our best to ensure that Tckl is working properly, we cannot guarantee that your Tckl account and the stored information will always be available and function correctly. However, we do guarantee that we will try and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Terminating your account

As an Organizer, you have the option to terminate the Tckl Account with due observance of a notice period of 2 months. In case of an urgent reason, Tckl has the right to terminate the Tckl Account at any time. Of course, we will inform you of any termination of your Tckl Account. If a fee is still due for the use of a Tckl Service, it must also be paid upon termination of the Tckl Account, even if the account was terminated by Tckl. Upon termination of the Tckl Account, Tckl will keep the processed data available for statistical and administrative purposes and will no longer use this data to provide Tckl Services.


Tckl shall not be responsible or liable for any error in the data provided, processed or stored by you or by others, nor for any error in the operation of Tckl or your Tckl Account, nor for the conduct of any of its Members, Partners or Organizers. Also, Tckl shall not be liable for any error in the information regarding Tckl Events (such as dates, starting times or schedules). Tckl is not responsible or liable for any information that Tckl Users, Tckl Organizers or Tckl Partners may post on Tckl. If such information is potentially unlawful or in violation of rights of third parties, Tckl has the right to modify or remove the information on its own initiative after informing the person who posted the information. Tckl shall only be liable in the event of deliberate intent or gross recklessness on the part of Tckl. Liability for any indirect loss or damage is excluded. Should a dispute with Tckl arise, Dutch law shall be applicable and the court in Groningen, the Netherlands, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear the dispute.